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" Phenomenal attorney. Responds to emails and voicemail within a logical time frame, answered all of my (many) questions with professionalism and honesty. Made me feel confident in a custody situation that was unfortunately and unnecessarily very difficult. He has handled several cases for me over the last three years - ranging from simple traffic tickets that I didn’t have time to go to court over to a very difficult custody battle. All I can say are great things about my experience with Justin in the courtroom as well as his initial consultations. He is honest about what to expect and what he’s able to offer you as a logical outcome. Easily 5 stars."


" He is very thorough and knowledgeable! He definitely gives you options to understanding your situation.  Definitely highly recommended. "



"He was a referral from a friend... Got the job done I needed.. Was even able to call him after for info"



"Great attorney, will save you a lot of time and money to get the job done."


 I had a custody battle. I was being represented by a lawyer that was old & I was not aware of his health issues! Was not exactly happy with the results and how the case was going in court . After a year of paying this lawyer almost $50,000 for basically nothing ~ I thought the ending result of my case did not look good!!!!! I had seen Justin E Ewert (Partner in firm) name on the other door in the office & he went with me a few times to just have my case rescheduled..... litttle did I know that he was just getting caught up on my files & case. I new he was doing homework & my case was not exactly easy but he is smart & researches every detail. At that time I asked if he would represent me instead of my current lawyer. He said "that was his plan" I believe it was the 2nd time we actually were having to go on the stand , he brought up something that was in a previous court hearing (with the other lawyer) and asked a question to the father , and boom he caught him in a lie !!!!! I am and will forever be grateful for Justin E. Ewert ! The most amazing part is he new i had already spent basically $50,000 for the previous lawyer , he never asked me for anything !! I do know that I hope he was given the $$$$ since HE WON MY CASE !!!!!Less


" I had a case where I was a customer who was defrauded into thinking that I needed a specific good and I did not. This cost me thousands of dollars or an unjustified product purchase. Justin worked my case like he was the person that was unjustly sold a product that was not really needed. Just successfully was able to get my money back and punitive damages for my troubles. Justin kept me up to speed on my case every step of the way and his staff was attentive in getting back to me in a timely manner. I would gladly recommend him and continue to use him in the future. He protected me like he was protecting his own interest. He valued me as his client."